Jacksonville, FL

JacksonvilleJacksonville also has an early history of city–county consolidation and hence some degree of regional governance. The region has a long history of private/public collaboration and significant public sector (military) employment that provides an economic buffer to hard times. What is most impressive about Jacksonville is a highly effective and long-lasting com- munity council that has built a shared sense of regional destiny and created collaborative processes to determine public policy responses to the region’s social and economic challenges.

Thank you to everyone in Jacksonville who generously shared their time, ideas and insights with us:

Andy Bell, President
North Florida Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Rena Coughlin, President and CEO
Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida

Lad Daniels, President
First Coast Manufacturer’s Association

Bruce Ferguson, President and CEO
Candace L. Moody, Vice President of Communications
Bryan Stone, President, Policy and Programs

Skip Kramer, President
Ben Warner, Deputy Director
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc., JCCI

Henry Luke, Consultant
Luke Planning, Inc.

Jerry Mallot, President
JAXUSA Partnership
Executive Vide-President, JAX Chamber

Rob Sievert-Wagner, Lead Organizer
Interchurch Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment (ICARE)

Jim Simpson, Associate Vice President, Workforce Development
Florida State College at Jacksonville, FSCJ

Cleve Warren, President and CEO
Essential Capital, formerly Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation


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